Company History

Mikołów based company KABE was founded in 1981 as a craft workshop. In 1987 the company status was changed to a civil law company registered under Grzegorz Krupa – electrician and Kazimierz Bulandra – economist. In March 2002 as per the new law requirements, status company was changed to a limited liability company. Six months later KABE Systemy Alarmowe was isolated from the company to create a separate limited liability company.

Both companies cooperate closely creating KABE Group.

Since the beginning KABE concentrated around installation of electronic security systems (SEZ). During 20 years of existence we have specialized in large systems of the highest class and we are continuously expanding the scope of our business.

Installation of electronic security systems became a domain of KABE Systemy Alarmowe company. KABE specializes in designing, assembling and servicing of the highest quality in:

  • Burglary and robbery signaling systems
  • Access control systems
  • CCTV
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Smoke removal systems
  • Sound systems
  • Perimeter security systems
  • Structural cabling
  • Telecommunication installations
  • Emergency and evacuation illumination installations
  • Intelligent building installations

The company is authorized with SA4 class certificate by TECHOM and has a concession from MSWiA on technical security of people and property. Our personnel have a second degree license to install, utilize and maintain technical security of people and property as well as SEP license.

Since 2001 KABE has a secret office and the possibility to work on classified documents.

The necessity to create devices and systems as per the individual requirements of our clients induced us to build well equipped electronic and mechanic workshops. In these workshops, we produce all kinds of specialistic equipment, devices, casings and small items required in SEZ installations for our and our client needs.

We specialize in high class SEZ ACs that meet PN “Systemy Alarmowe” requirements for S3 and S4 class as well as in Fire System ACs certified by CNBOP in Józefów .

The second branch of our production is welding. We produce NiCd and NiMH battery packages of world know producers using an electronic spot welder. The packages created this way are widely used in all kinds of portable electronic devices such as: radiotelephones, cell phones, measuring devices, computers, laptops, notebooks and modern emergency illumination systems.

In 1990 we opened a department responsible for compounding devices for independent alarm system installers and selling devices fitting company profile. In our offer you can also find a variety of chemical power sources:

  • AGM maintenance free acid batteries
  • NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Lithium and thermal batteries
  • Specialistic power sources for military and space purposes


KABE became a supported employment enterprise in April 1999. This enables our clients to use tax allowance in PFRON for buying our products and services.