Company Profile

KABE Sp. z o.o. Production
  • Power systems
  • Power supply for fire detection and fire alarm systems
  • SSWiN power adapters
  • CCTV power adapters
  • Other power adapters (12V, 24V, RACK power adapters)
  • Panic buttons for alarm systems
  • Battery chargers
  • Battery testers
  • Power breakdown modules
  • Battery undervoltage protection
  • Metal casings
  • Steel constructions

Special Technology

  • Technologies and products of military and police purposes

KABE Sp. z o.o. Trade

  • Batteries:

- Casual
- Alkaline
- Lithium
- Specialistic

  • Accumulators:

- nickel – cadmium NiCd
- nickel – hydrogenium NiMH
- lithium – ion Li-Ion
- acid – lead AGM
- specialistic

KABE Sp. z o.o. Services

  • Battery and accumulator welding (packaging)
  • Surface and through hole electronic assembly
  • Welding of aluminum, steel and stainless steel materials

KABE specializes in design and production of devices and constructions
KABE produces in short prototype series
KABE has more than 30 years of experience